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Certified Vedic Astrologer

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Your Spring Stars (2014)

by on Mar 27, 2014

Welcome Spring 2014: As April begins the planets Mars and Saturn both appear to be going backward in the heavens. It is what astronomers call retrograde and what astrologers associate with internal action and reaction. Mars is the planet of war, but he is also the planet of service and action. When he turns inward we look to see where we have gone and how...

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Tuesday, December 31st

by on Dec 31, 2013

It is New Year’s Eve! As the year ends we celebrate during the dark, philosophical, Balsamic Phase of the Moon. Venus is looking back and though there are plenty of people at the party, they slip away into quiet groups and look back before they look forward. If you are alone, then you may be the envied one: smiles. This is a wonderful time to acknowledge...

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Monday, December 30th

by on Dec 30, 2013

Mars triggers Pluto. This has been building. You have read along and are probably ready for any emotional shots tossed at you or that you are downloading from your inner self-terrorist. This is a powerful combination. If you are feeling overwhelmed by things in the world or in your mind, then step away and breathe until you feel the gift of your body, right...

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Sunday, December 29th

by on Dec 29, 2013

I cannot say enough about the “cleansing” potential of these aspects as we end this month. Imagine that your inner voice is gentle, loving and is giving you practical insight into the joy of living your life right here and now in your body as it is…right here and now. Wouldn’t that be liberating? That is the gift of clarity. Saturn loves to anchor...

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Saturday, December 28th

by on Dec 28, 2013

It is time to put things in place. As the Moon triggers jovial Jupiter this afternoon, things are going pretty well. However, at nightfall the Moon crosses Saturn. This is a great combination for putting things in order. It is wonderful for insights when paired with the Mercury-Sun union. However, Saturn can be heavy; he can feel like lead weight. And if...

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Friday, December 27th

by on Dec 27, 2013

Mars has a few more days to complete his aspect to Pluto. Take note of the things you would like to change or where you would like to be one year from now. Today, the Moon pulls onto Rahu, the point of desires. Yes, that includes a desire to change. This can be a tricky placement. This union is known for excess. Go slowly. If you have a history of drinking...

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