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12 Western Astrology “Signs” in the Workplace

by on Apr 30, 2014

Cynthia Novak on Positive Perspectives Blog Talk Radio I talk about the 12 Western astrology “signs” in the work place and how you can work with or for the Planetary Types. What does your Mars dominant boss want from your team?  How can you impress a Saturnine employer or get your serious Saturn type employee to feel part of the team? Listen To...

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Your Spring Stars (2014)

by on Mar 27, 2014

Welcome Spring 2014: As April begins the planets Mars and Saturn both appear to be going backward in the heavens. It is what astronomers call retrograde and what astrologers associate with internal action and reaction. Mars is the planet of war, but he is also the planet of service and action. When he turns inward we look to see where we have gone and how...

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Tuesday, December 31st

by on Dec 31, 2013

It is New Year’s Eve! As the year ends we celebrate during the dark, philosophical, Balsamic Phase of the Moon. Venus is looking back and though there are plenty of people at the party, they slip away into quiet groups and look back before they look forward. If you are alone, then you may be the envied one: smiles. This is a wonderful time to acknowledge...

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