While an undergraduate prowling the library stacks, I happened upon a book that described what an astrologer actually does. It was a calling; I calculated my first astrology chart using logarithmic tables in 1975. I haven’t stopped since. I have a Master’s Degree in Health Education/Wellness from Texas A&M University. I have worked as an insurance investigator and for the past 20 years as a full-time professional astrologer. For many years I used Western or Tropical astrology. That is what you think of when you hear someone say, “I am an Aries; this is my horoscope.” After a two year intensive program, I was certified by the American Council of Vedic astrologers in 2000. It is the astrology of India. I use both systems. I like to say I use the Western chart as a personality model and the Vedic chart as a life evolution mode. I also use Vedic for cycles and predictions.

I have done talk radio and was featured on both Fox and NBC news in Dallas. NBC actually did an investigative report and found me to be accurate. You will find my articles at HolisticNetworker.com and in their print publication. You will find my daily messages there as well and my Monthly Planner on this site. Most of all, I am interested in working with my clients.

Personal note: On February 28, 2008 my husband suffered a catastrophic stroke. We both knew there was something wrong with him, but tests only revealed that he had high blood pressure and lipid levels. Knowing there was something did not translate into stopping it from happening. Sometimes life happens and we simply need to live with it and grow through it. He has returned to work full-time as a professor. However, for four years I have kept a low profile and learned a great deal about life and love along the way. I have been blessed with the most fascinating clients who would appear at just the perfect time to teach me about patience, strength, endurance…and love from their own stories.

Cynthia Novak

Arlington, Texas