by on Mar 31, 2015

Welcome Spring 2015.

It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? There is no better time than this spring to pull away from old thoughts and pull into peaceful acceptance. Out of the corners of old stress may surface acceptance that you are enough. Simply put Pluto is stressful, fear of mortality: What do you want to do or leave behind? Uranus is the fear and excitement of change.The eclipse path reveals what we are “certain” we want, as well as what that wanting hides behind it. We spring into the season from several stressful corners. Look into your eyes and see your past pain, your desire for success and the fear you might not get it. The planets don’t fight, but they represent parts of us that seem at odds until we know why we want success and fear failure. This is true as a nation, a society and one by one as individuals. Take a deep breath. Is a part of your life coming to an end? Perhaps it’s an end to stress or fear. It might be the end of one business or a shift to what enlivens you, rather than what drains you. You see the stress is old and deep. This spring we know the stress and still spring forward with joyful celebrations and self-understanding.

So let’s spring now. The planets visible with our eyes (not telescopes) are called “personal” planets. They are strong for love, passion, business and action: Great for business and travel near and far. Simply put this is a wonderful time to dust off your resolutions for the year and put them into action. They are good for starting something new or rebooting a previous plan. The winter was long and this spring is the best time to turn those delays into daring action. I know that there is war and destruction and I hope this spring we can find a path through the pain of personal and public wars and disappointment. However, one thing I know for sure is that disappointment is a choice. Stay where you are and fuss or spring into another choice. I dare you and you dare me and we’ll get going right now. Smiles: This spring is great to choose your own path to regret where you might have been or to rejoice in where you’re going.

April: The month brings hope to folks whose winters are long and heat to us whose winters were short. The first week begins with Mars strong and Venus reluctant. Mars wants to dive into the workout or the goal and Venus reluctantly goes along. She’s got her manicured toes in the water. Within a week, the desire for success and beauty are strong. Venus does love a treat or two. This is not a problem as Mars gives the momentum and Venus gives just enough vanity to figure out the best combination for you. Can you stick to it? Yes!  Venus faces Saturn as early as the 8th. This is good for commitment of all finds. You know who you are and who you love. This is lasting, too. This month Saturn actually anchors Mars’ action and helps Venus set a plan that is good for longterm success. Is this a good month for romance and marriage? You bet it is! Is it a great time to face your fears and put old ones in the past where they belong? Yes! Is it a time to be clear about who you are in love? Yes. It’s not all about getting it your way. Don’t miss this month to start your health, beauty or business program. The New Moon on the 18th is a fabulous day to put your house or car on the market… or to sell almost anything. Don’t rush: the New Moon begins at 2pm CDT on the 18th. If the 18th won’t work for you, then try the 19th or even 20th.

Jupiter holds the doorway to opportunity all season. On April 8th Jupiter appears to stop in the heavens and begins to move forward. If Jupiter is making a favorable aspect in your chart, then this is when you really start to pull what you’ve learned and what you have to teach together. Do you know yourself? Are you ready to move or try that new job? Momentum is strong. Listen to the offer before you jump in. Offers of many kinds appear this spring and April is when the momentum train starts to pull ahead. This is good for travel, too. Jupiter is an optimist and loves to share things- new things and old.

May:  Jupiter, the bountiful, fertile planet of the heavens helps us find our way. The Full Moon on the 3rd is particularly good to see where you’ve faltered and how to dig through the obstacles. If they are personal obstacles, old or new, then get some help and invest in the time it takes. If your obstacles to success are time, then find out what or who can share the load and the success. Take the steps and keep on going. Saturn helps Mars slow down and get his footing. This really helps clarify who you are and where you are going. Caution: Mars can have tantrums. Saturn helps you build, but only if you use your wisdom or age to direct Mars’ passion and drive. Jupiter is strong for success and sharing.

There is a yod or finger of fate from May 20th until June 4th. It is like a slingshot in the heavens. Pluto represents the pull to learn from past patterns. He pulls tight on the string to get away from the old, no matter how frightening the risk is. Pluto reminds us that we are never far away from our past and helps us clear away the old and embrace the future. However, first we make it conscious by observing ourselves. The y of the slingshot hold helps us take aim.In late May Jupiter, the risk- taking optimist, helps us aim for more. Jupiter partners with retrograde Mercury: It’s time to reflect, then take aim at liberation. This is not a bad thing. It’s important to think clearly before you risk. However, once clarified this is a great time to dare greatly, even though you may face criticism from others and from your own inner voice. By early June plenty of folks are moving forward with clear, direct action. Most likely this is the drive to dare rather than to fear. Venus encourages Jupiter to open his heart and arms for love, even when Pluto fears rejection.

Mercury goes retrograde on May 18th and direct June 11th. This is a great time to reflect and review plans. Jupiter may want the biggest and best whatever, but do you really want to pay for it for years and years? Mercury loves to multitask, but during this period of time it’s about narrowing down your focus and investing time and ideas to spring forward in June.

June: is the month of joyful celebrations. This year is memorable. Jupiter spends his final weeks in the constellation Cancer [Vedic zodiac]. This is great for mystical, spiritual experiences such as weddings. They are also joyful, playful parties with guests dressed in their finest and the couple surrounded by friends and families. Jupiter is the planet of travel, too. Destination weddings are big now. There are no surprises here. Good will and enthusiasm are contagious. I expect plenty of proposals and engagements to begin this spring. However, nothing quite gets the trains sliding down the aisle like the mood of this month. Yes, there will be excess, but excess can take the form of good will and momentum. Don’t worry. Saturn is still around to remind you of your budget. If you must watch your money, then enjoy all of the other things and experiences that life has to offer without a big price tag. Jupiter is also benevolent and kindness rarely is expensive. The investment in goodwill is enormous. The price of punitive thoughts is great. I know you probably are right when you think about the way you remember the scene or situation. You may be right, but that won’t help spread the joy. You may have gotten a bad deal in life or love. This spring we see what to pull away from. For me it will be those old thought forms. What will you leave behind? The gift of tolerance begins when you look into your own eyes in the mirror and spreads to all around you.

Love and Money are strong this season. There is no denying that there is also war, greed, death and difficulty. However, out of it all comes a wonderful time to spring away from the news and into the gift of each new day. That’s not blind denial, but gratitude for the gifts as we work to end cruelty when and where we can.

See you at the Wellness Expo in Addison on Sunday, the 12th. My talk is at 11:30am. I promise some good news for all signs for this year. (Visit for event details).