by on Dec 15, 2014

Welcome 2015

The nights are long, deep and dark, but the movement of the Earth around the Sun promises that the days are growing longer. I welcome that now and enjoy the quiet of winter. I look over my shoulder and see the past and reflect in the quiet of a long winter’s night. I ask you to do the same. Pick a starting date as far back as you like and plot the highs and lows. Notice then and now; let us look ahead.

“The Times They Are a Changing” – Bob Dillon 1964

Planetary news report! Uranus, the planet of revolution and freedom, will make his final aspect to Pluto, the powerful planet of the underworld: Take heed; you know you feel Pluto when you move away from relative comfort into the great river of life. There is no going back and the current of the great river will take the life you knew. Whew! This dance began on June 24, 2012 and makes its final square on March 16, 2015. The last time these two powerful planets were in a stressful aspect was in the 1960’s- October 1965 through June 1966.

Saturn says you can’t go forward without a plan. Saturn is all about purpose and a foundation in any form. Neptune is faith and what may appear as folly or playing the fool. Saturn and Neptune are in a stressful aspect, which is great for sensitivity and surrender…but not great at revealing your greatness to the world and it may see you as a fool. That is, of course, the ultimate foolishness: Neptune is the planet of faith and Saturn is the planet of lessons to learn.

Call it karma and hope you’ll find your dharma, but the great wheel has Jupiter on one side of the heavens and the other planets on the other side of the eclipse path. Jupiter is slow and lingers in one lunar mansion or nakshatra all winter. It is Ashlesha. Simply put it is a man with two faces. There are at least two sides to every story with success, compassion and tricksters along the way. We face the great planetary guru and learn as we listen to their stories and tell our own. We also have the opportunity to come together for big change. Watch as an independent or 3rd party candidate comes to the surface. For all of us it is time to see where we are and where we are going.

January: Jupiter is actually good for big ideas and ideals. Mars faces Jupiter the first week and plenty of plans take hold and take off. Yours might not pay off until the summer, but you can get it going if only by writing it down. The Mars-Jupiter dance begins with January and ends in late March so it is a season of opportunity. Write your story. Many will find great success this year and some will lose. The difference may be trust in your strength and faith in your path.

Mercury goes retrograde on January 21st and direct on February 11th. Are you looking for a great business opportunity or seeking someone to believe in? Do you know your life’s calling? Are you calling for faith? This retrograde Mercury teaches us to listen, but most of all it is about learning. Take a class; even one you took before. Look for universal virtues and be strong enough to take a stand when you are called upon to act. It sounds big and it is. A voice from your past reminds you about the younger you. A situation in the present calls you to stand up and be strong.

February begins with Mars triggering Jupiter again. Mars is moving faster than usual now and he is the planet of action, anger and yes, war.  However, he is also the planet of service. Be ready to do your part and you’ll know when you are called. Venus moves from soulful Neptune to catch her guy Mars on the 21st. Are you looking for love? Longing for a soulmate? This may be your time. These soulful, spiritual segments in the heavens offer many opportunities to reach beyond romance for a powerful soul connection. Oh yes, there is passion, too…but it is not limited by desire, rather it is enhanced by it. In the language of astrology, Venus is exalted and she opens her heart and soul to Mars. If he’s her guy, then he sees her strength in the courage to be vulnerable and responds in kind. Jupiter, the great guru, makes this a particularly powerful month for marriage or commitment. Who takes the plunge together will surprise many. Likewise, many will walk away if there is not a deep connection or a plan to build a future.

March is a month full of surprises. I’m hopeful that the final aspect of Uranus and Pluto will bring peace and success to many. Jupiter slows way down as Venus and Mars trigger the revolutionary aspect of these powerful transpersonal planets: Uranus and Pluto. The 1960’s folk music lyrics are in the air all year, but there is no stronger time than now. We will look back on March of 2015 as a time of change. The events will vary, but this is a great month to make notes on where you are in your life, thoughts and relationships. History is part of your story. There is no better time to test your own light and take steps on a path of your calling. There is also no better time to study wise teachings or listen to them throughout your day. I expect great things for people and the world. In many ways, the revolution of the 1960’s is back again. This season we find resolution and resolve. We may even leave winter with the US heading further into war. And yes, there is a sense of right action and cause without it being self-righteous. This is a pivotal month and the rest of the year brings more. This season and especially in the month of March, we see something clearly: Personal resolve and soulful action are one and the same. “We the People” United is a lofty goal. However, it is the theme as we move through March and enter April’s call to action.

Love and Money are hard to predict. I am thrilled that the Market is strong as I type this and am excited that there is great focus on love, passion and the highest forms of compassion this season. That does not mean the legislative branch of our government has our highest good in the budget they’ve passed for us. That’s part of the trickster planets. Let’s hold them to the task of representing us. The parties are supposed to be for us not against us and it’s up to us to hold them to it.

Mars is moving quickly through the heavens and Venus, the planet of love and money, is with him. This combination can be quite strong for financial flow. However, where it goes varies from person to person. I know the Market is strong and I am no financial guru and not an investor. I know that karmic lessons come in many forms. Don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose. There are Market surprises that could indeed shock many investors. Whether it is money or love, the big questions are the most simple. What do you want in a relationship? What will you give? Would you date you? Would you like to be alone with you? Are you already annoyed that I have asked this? Will you be accountable for your answers?

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