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The winds of war are in the autumn breeze. They are not turning back. Pluto, the planet of catharsis, and Uranus, the revolutionary planet of change, are still in a very stressful aspect. Mars moves through a fierce section of the heavens and toward Pluto.  It appears to be a union of no return. Jupiter, the great cosmic guru, is in a place of optimism and unity. A ghoulish, common enemy creates allies out of adversaries. Whew! I’ll do my best to explain the extraordinary aspects this autumn. I hope you will open your heart to a loving Venus and embrace the opportunity for insight. This is a season we will remember. It is filled with opportunity and obstacles: One of life and death….but don’t forget the life! Notice what enlivens you and where you are drained. Where do you feel attacked and what or whom would you defend? Would you join with “those” people to fight a common enemy? Are you grateful for the luxury to watch? Expect plenty of gratitude to be here at year’s end.

October begins with warrior Mars in a fierce part of the heavens. A strong Mars isn’t just about going to war.  It is about action. In the first week we have Mars’ call to action amplified by Jupiter. Jupiter is the teacher, storyteller and the planet of politics. As we move through October, political alliances are born from the roots of common concern. By mid-November the powerful forces of war have begun. You may be interested in my YouTube Channel and the Video: Will the US go to War? It was filmed in August, but is playing out this season.

October is more than the world at war; it is about our internal struggles. You may already feel fear, sadness or anger. It is a call to action:  It is time to address the internal wobble in self and in relationships- to literally work on old fears so you are able to see opportunity and abundance.  The total lunar eclipse on the 8th is a perfect time to feel the fear and notice how far back in time your wobble is rooted. What triggers you? There is no need to go to war with the world. The wobble is born of childhood insecurity…a time when a parent’s opinion was everything. It’s up again as you/we are tested. This plays out on many levels including this last bitter month before the November elections. If there is symmetry in the universe, then there is a reason to have opposing parties and unity of spirit too.

The Lunar Eclipse on October 8th falls in a lunar mansion that gives me great hope: Revati. It reminds me that the end is the beginning and the beginning is a step toward the end of all things. Let’s watch for the wobbles and acknowledge the inner child, who was ignored or worse. Do notice words or acts that set you off balance. I will, too. We’ve carried these familiar burdens for years. Uranus is the planet of change: revolution to be exact. Expect a bit of a shock as you note what is ending in your life or mind and what is born from that new freedom. Lunar eclipses have a deep root in emotions, but this one is particularly powerful as we notice the big picture or the cosmic joke: Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz we can always go home and don’t need an emotional sword or ruby slippers to get there. That is the gift of October and this season. This is an unusually intense lunar eclipse. More than emotions: We notice our perceptions. What distracts you? It come to the surface…let it go. This eclipse comes with Uranus, the planet of surprises and often endings. Detach from ego…the craziness is around you, but it isn’t about you. There is a collective wobble. Step up and play your part if the eclipse triggers your chart this season, but have the facts before you act.

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The Solar Eclipse comes on October 23rd and falls in one of the most fruitful lunar mansions of all. Its name is Chitra: The symbol, an open hand holding a pearl. Here, the light of the giant Sun is eclipsed by the tiny Moon and joins Venus. Venus can be particularly high-minded here. In fact she rules the constellation Libra and brings beauty, success and creativity. However, most of all Chitra promises that great spiritual potential, consciousness or enlightenment will come to fruition because of a crisis. Watch where you are stretched and what you can achieve in the world of matter or spirit.

Draw upon your talents and reach higher than ever before. Venus, the Sun, Moon and Saturn all share the constellation Libra in the Vedic system or sidereal zodiac. This system is about the strength of the planets. There is no better combination for allies to join together and no better time for us all to reach high and to lend a hand where we can. That includes our own charitable thoughts as we come together with folks we thought were adversaries, but are now compelled by destiny to call allies. However, Mercury can make it difficult to know who to trust and that includes your thoughts. Breathe deeply until you are calm.  That helps to anchor the compassionate side of Venus and the wisdom of Saturn. With compassion and wisdom the rest falls into place.

Retrograde Mercury October 4th throws a wrench into communications throughout October. The month before an election is filled with hyperbole and scandal.  It offers an opportunity to question our own thoughts, as the words swoosh and swirl around us. Reach for the pearl of insight and find some beauty, some common ground, somewhere somehow. It is the beginning of awareness.  Call it higher consciousness if you will.  There is no better time than now to practice it. Mercury appears to stop in the heavens and go forward on the 25th. Do your best to lighten your schedule all month.  Turn off your phone and back up your computer. Retrograde Mercury cycles are notorious. With all that is going on in the world, folks are distracted. Hold a sense of humor near.   Know that no matter how crucial any of us are to the world, we really don’t need to answer every call, email or text. That is a great way to lighten the mental, Mercury retrograde load.  I suspect this will be a tricky one so be gracious to the person who lost the message or missed the appointment…even if it is you….smiles.

November begins with mid-term elections on the 4th and I expect plenty of surprises here in the USA. The war with ISIS brings unusual allies together and that even includes our own legislators. Who had the courage to take a stand and who tried to hide?  That courage or lack of it may turn voters to the other side.  November is remarkable for other reasons, too. If past patterns continue, then the Market may slow down. Watch international banking for clues- perhaps hackers or some scare that throws a wrench in the giant digital machine. Thanksgiving in the USA is a time for gratitude and generosity. I expect plenty of that at the end of this month. What will you share? Mars becomes strong and wise as we end November. I hope that the balance of Saturn’s wisdom will help guide actions on the world stage and in our own. Love grows, but be cautious around your investments. It could be a great time for wise investors to buy when many sell.

December brings the year to an end. The nights grow longer and we long for light in all its forms. Remember Jupiter, the great guru and optimist, is very strong in the heavens. Reach for your optimism and hold on. Jupiter appears to stop on the 8th. Ideas move forward quickly this month. Jupiter holds a place of opportunity to learn. What would you like to learn this month and the coming year? December is filled with love, learning, reflection and change. We are particularly grateful as we near the end of this year. Double check to see if what you thought you heard was what was meant. Communications can go astray. There is no reason to believe an insult when you can muster a wise Mars. Be a grown up and ask before the child in you holds tightly to pain for another year or lifetime.

Read Summer Stars 2014 article on my website for the house where Jupiter brings optimism and abundance for you. There is no better time to brain storm for possibilities. I recently learned the process: “What if Up” from author Mindy Audlin. Check out her book:  What if it All Goes Right? Look at your own life. If something you really want is stalled, take a few deep breaths and try something new. There is tremendous opportunity for change in the world now. What if your time is now? What if you were gestating and now you are ready to be reborn with the New Year? What if…?

Danger in the Air:  I am very concerned about the aspects on December 24th: Yes, Christmas Eve. The Moon triggers Mars and they face optimistic Jupiter. This is great for charitable actions in the hands of a loving, generous soul. I expect abundant charity all season, but particularly in December. Breathe deeply and be aware of your surroundings always…but particularly at the end of this year…particularly in highly populated areas like NY. Call on your inner antennae to guide you. Call on divine will and protection. Turn off distractions: Be aware and listen within.  If something in you says turn around…do it. If you resist travel…stay home. Trust your quiet inner navigation system. Let it turn to peace and flow.  Trust your inner guidance to truly know. That just came out of my fingers….I’m going with it.

Love and Money Fall 2014: Who will I share the next chapter of my life with? Some will walk away after years of trying. As Saturn prepares to change constellations, Venus’ compassion helps lovers and spouses see the value of union. Some heed the inner call to break free. The end of the year is about preparation for a different type of relationship. Alliances are formed in many arenas and so are separations. Are you ready to love and trust? That answer may be the biggest surprise of all, but what’s the risk? If you are filled with doubt and mistrust, then you are already suffering….why not trust? When we live in fear of betrayal, we miss the love and betray ourselves. It can also block the true guidance. The Market my drop or “correct”. I do not pretend to be a financial guru. If you are fearful you may want to be very cautious.

We end the season with the longest night or winter solstice, but the world at war is a dark night, too. There is no better time to reach for the light of this moment, this day, this breath of life than during a time of darkness. So I ask you to join me and breathe: Deep long slow breaths. The breath babies are born knowing. This breath is healing ad can raise the vibration of life on the planet in a subtle rhythm of life itself. At any moment of any day or night we are all breathing together and that breath forms a collective song if we will only listen for it: Yes or no…stay or go. Breathe in slowly and breathe out slowly. Feel the rhythm of life.

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