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The Planetary News is out.

Mercury goes forward. Mars does, too, and pulls out of the stressful hold of Uranus and Pluto. Rahu moves in to take Mars’ place by the end of summer. There is revolution in the world and perhaps within each of us. Don’t let it take your breath away. Jupiter, the optimistic guy in the heavens, is back in his favorite constellation Cancer. This surge of excitement will help you see the good stuff and work with the winds of change as they move through you. No matter where Cancer falls in your chart, you get a boost of optimism and opportunity. Go find your Vedic chart… I will describe Jupiter in his favorite place throughout the 12 houses. These are Sidereal placements to show the strength of the planets as they appear in Vedic astrology.  BIG NEWS: Detailed monthly predictions for each week and for each Western Astrology Sign.

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July: Mercury stops on the first then moves forward. Lost messages rise to the surface and panic comes with them. Mars is tied to Mercury so some folks will be irritated and others will rant, but it’s really not about you unless you are the ranting queen for the day. Set aside your crown. Do you feel neglected? Reach out again. Did you neglect others? Take a breath and apologize just because. Anger and emotions have run high and low for weeks, every one of us has something to rant about and to apologize for. I apologize right now if these words are too strong. Let’s apologize to ourselves in the mirror for presuming we were perfect.

Now, let’s get on with the month. The first week is most volatile. Find a way to rise above the small stuff. We need to be alert and aware of our surroundings. Mars is a tricky warrior as he pulls away from Uranus. You may get a surprise blow to your peace of mind and there could be a blow on the world stage.  There is no better time to remember the gift of the USA and to read that Declaration of Independence. There is also no better time to practice mindfulness and to be aware. Take a deep breath now and notice your mind…where has it run? Turn off the noise, breathe deeply and tune in to your environment… particularly during the first week of July. By the end of the month, Jupiter welcomes Mercury, the talker, into Cancer. This is a great time to share ideas for a business of any kind.

August is a month of ideas and opportunity. Mars tries to talk Jupiter out of his plans for a fruitful future. On the 3rd the Moon could push you to stand up for your plans and to face the naysayers. However, it takes more than words. Saturn slowly pulls forward and he’s accompanied by Mars through August. What starts as a great idea is tested by the wise, old, curmudgeon Saturn and his young, warrior Mars.

Here’s the tricky part: Saturn is stronger and wiser Mars is just ranting. So do your diligent homework, but be ready to have your dreams tested.  Saturn is all about slow, steady steps. Uranus triggers him and wants to make a big change. Jupiter shows you the way, but you still need to take the time to build your dream from the ground up. That includes facing the naysayers with facts and hope. Yes, the biggest obstacle may be the terrorist between your ears. Ask yourself: Is there a good reason to stop? Is it sound enough to set my dream aside? Do I have the grit, experience and stamina to do it alone? Can I find a partner? Remember this is a month of great ideas and enthusiasm. The Mars behind the curtain will likely lose to Saturn so be diligent. Stories of success on all levels include a chapter of doubt. However, what if it all came together even better than you planned?

September marks the end of summer and it is time to get back to school or routine. Jupiter is alone, but holds the dreams of the past months. Mars is now in his own constellation, Scorpio: He is strong again. Strong often means more forthright and active. Saturn is also strong and fueled with the wisdom of the past 2 ½ years. As Mars moves forward he enjoys Jupiter’s optimism and Saturn’s experience. The three of them are the fodder to feed a great future or a plan for one or for many.

I know that sounds foolish with the world as it is…but what if it’s just true for a few and they teach others how to follow through, too? That’s the best of Jupiter, the guru of the heavens. Yes, there is hope for politics, but only because we expect more from them and from our selves. I’m holding to the Jupiter dream and wish a great boom for all. These planetary placements are ripe for political change but which way will it go? I don’t know. It is likely that left and right will both shudder and make promises. My promise is to show you the good stuff Jupiter may offer you.

Jupiter  transits your Vedic chart. Find the house* where you see the constellation Cancer. Jupiter is there through June 2015. This is a particularly lucky place for Jupiter so if he’s also triggering planets in your chart, then the potential is multiplied. What will you do with this gift? Jupiter is the only planet, who throws his optimism into the house he’s in, the house opposite and 5 houses to his left and 5 to the right of that Cancer house. That’s a lot of hope and goodwill so let’s get on with it. The First is an example of how I pull the pieces together. The others are simply the good stuff. We all need some good stuff now. And here is some for the future for you.

  • 1st House: You feel it in your body and get a sense of joy from early childhood memories and family. The house opposite is the 7th- your partners: and the abundance is mutual. The 5th house is your children or creative ideas. Expect joy from them and perhaps a creative business partner that inspires your childlike joy. The 9th house promises that you will get to use your greatest gifts during this year.
  • 2nd House: Your money and/or your words flow. You may enjoy good food that is good for you, too! Your spouse’s earnings are better, too and you feel more like partners. Perhaps there will be an inheritance or insight about money. Be aware of your health and work environment. Notice what you take in from the environment around you. You may get a raise or a promotion.
  • 3rd House: Your creativity is motivated by courage. You might be inspired by a sibling. Follow a creative idea or desire…why not? It may be your true talent. Your spouse or partner of any kind wants time to explore talents, too. Be generous with each other; it pays off in surprising ways.
  • 4th House: Home and happiness are on your banquet table of life. It could bring an opportunity to spend more time at home.  Perhaps a home is your banquet. Set aside something for retirement just in case. Enjoy the quiet peace of knowing your perspective is the foundation of your happiness. Notice the good in all around you.
  • 5th House: Children, or projects you give birth to, take center stage for attention and applause. This can be a good time for luck in any form. Why not try something new within your budget and that includes meeting others who share your creative zeal. What you are naturally good at? This is a great time to show the world your talents on any stage. It could be more successful or rewarding than you think.
  • 6th  House: Health and work environment are featured. Can you find a way to enjoy your work or to really appreciate the gift of your body? That helps in all things. Take time to rest…a retreat or meditation enhance your inner world. You may know your quiet mind is the greatest resource of all. This is a year to learn more about it. Career and earnings are enhanced, too. Balance between inner peace and outward success are the goal to better health.
  • 7th House: Your spouse or partner is doing well and helps you grow. What a joy! You are growing closer, too! Get out and do things with friends. Join an investment class or learn anything. Siblings may be a part of your next venture, but one thing is certain- you are willing to be creative because there is no reason not to! If you have something exciting: your business or financial partner may appear to make your dream a reality. You say that you are all alone?  There is no better time to open your heart. Unless of course you would rather be alone…that is your choice, too….smiles.
  • 8th House: What enlivens you and what drains you? Jupiter teaches you where to invest your energy and where to stop. This can be good for inheritance. However, here is the big question: What truly brings life into you and where do you squander your life force on stress or frustration? This is a good transit for an increase in your spouse’s earnings and yours, too! Take that long trip to a foreign land and leave responsibilities behind…set some aside for your later years, too. It’s nice to know you’ve got the future covered.
  • 9th House: Someone may appear that truly recognizes you gifts. It might be a mentor or simply someone you trust. This is your time to acknowledge your talents and to explore a project. It may take longer than a year, but no worries, you’re doing what you were born to do. You’ll have some luck along with it and your children may notice how wonderful you are along the way.
  • 10th House: You are noticed in your career or public standing. You may not have a job, but you do have folks around you that see what you bring to their world. They may ask you to help them or to step out of your comfort zone. Why not? If you can’t come up with a good reason not to, then step up and step out. It may mean an increase in cash for you. It will certainly mean an increase in joy with plenty to talk about.
  • 11th House: This could be a lucky time for money and for friends. Do you enjoy the company of those who look for luck in their lives? Do you acknowledge it in gratitude? The only caveat: Hold some back to invest in your partner, too. A sibling may give you the idea you’ve been waiting for. Good friends appear to inspire you, too. The more the luckier.
  • 12th House: It is time to do your inner work: This is a time to expand and to explore, either by traveling the world or simply through your dreams. Perhaps a health condition showed you the need for meditation, but all of your body and being will benefit. You may face a physical body scare, but you will be enlivened. Generally, this is a lucky year for travel, joy in your home or the one you are creating, and a clear picture of what enlivens you both inside and out. Why not make the changes that you know will feed your body and soul?

* Houses are simply areas of your life determined by your date, time and place of birth. If you do not have a Vedic chart there are now free online chart calculators. They each have challenges, but you can figure them out. Whenever you have a session with me, then your chart is part of the session.

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