by on Sep 30, 2012

Photo of Cynthia Novak Reading a Chart

Cynthia Novak calls herself an intuitive astrologer and says she can find meaning in tarot cards and astrological charts. Photo credit: NBC5

FORT WORTH, Feb. 22 – All of us wonder what the future will bring, in our careers or relationships. In an NBC 5 Extra, Rhonda Hughes finds out why people go to psychics for information.

You’ve probably seen the ads in the back of magazines or the houses with the neon signs that say “psychics.” But would you ever seek out information in this way?
From reading astrological charts that outline life events to connecting with loved ones who’ve passed away, there are North Texans who say they have an intuitive ability.
“This is called a very bright moon.”
Cynthia Novak calls herself an intuitive astrologer and says she can find meaning in tarot cards and astrological charts.
“What I do is I let them sort of tell a story,” she said. “Because while we do this… not only am I reading the chart, but I’m feeling your energy.”
On this day, Novak has charted a map of the life of Kim Leach – an NBC 5 employee.
“As we get through the may June time period, you may have an unexpected promotion,” she told Kim.
Novak believes by knowing Kim’s date and place of birth, she can use a system, created by ancient astrologers, to show master cycles in Kim’s life.
The moon and planets alignment, she says, can reveal periods of happiness and struggle with love and career.
“If you can look at the chart and think of it as a map – there are many ways to get to Waco – it’s my job to tell you you may want to go to Waco,” Cynthia said.
Novak says most of her clients come to her looking for information that may help in a career change or relationship. In Kim’s case, Novak pinpoints the time of her recent break-up and her father’s death.
“But the moon in your chart falls in the eighth house, it’s the house of death. So in the moon master period, there’s a significant loss,” Cynthia told Kim.
Shannon Maxey says she has a different ability. Maxey makes her living doing discernment’s for people coping with grief. She believes she can communicate with people who have died.
“I will feel like they’re right next to me and I’m having a conversation in my head with them,” Shannon said.
Kim is hoping to connect with her deceased father.
“And they’re acknowledging a cancer passing over there – someone passes with cancer…” Shannon said.
Kim had not told Shannon anything about her dad, Robert, who died of cancer last November.
Shannon said, “I don’t know if they’re trying to show me an ‘R’ initial – or if they’re trying to get me to say Robert.”
“That’s my dad,” Kim said.
Maxey believes making this kind of connection is a natural ability everyone is born with.
She said, “I think that your imagination isn’t just for creativity and problem-solving. I think it’s for receiving messages from spirit, whether it be God, your higher self, your angels, your loved ones.”
And as for Kim – this session raised new questions. “There’s a lot of things that I can’t explain away,” Kim said.
For a link to Cynthia’s site and Shannon’s number, click on Newslinks below.